Dominique Rivard
Artiste et autrice

Artiste, cycliste, marcheuse et observatrice d’oiseaux, Dominique Rivard exerce sa pratique poétique à travers les champs de l’art visuel, de l’écriture, de la photographie et du graphisme.



Endangered Bedrooms

In the light of the match, one thing is clear:
the night will sit forever on the seabed.
Here, you must carry your fire from cave to cave.

Endangered Bedrooms: the fossils and the sheets are rooms remembered, through the marks and fractures left, in the fragile foldings of morning. The photobook interweaves self portraiture and still life, interrogating the glass like presence of these spaces, by which the passage of time and dwelling of place inscribes its own purpose: the direction of stone and sleep. In the waking hour, a journey transpires theatrically and photographically as a means to protect the soft and glacial nature of these sleeping spaces.

Photographies et texte : Dominique Rivard / Design : Jeroen Cavents / Pages :  48 / Circulation :  1 / Typographie :  Anonymous Pro / Parution :  Août 2021 — Leipzig

Curator: Jeroen Cavents
Artists: Dominique Rivard, Francis Nowak, Guy Eytan, Jeroen Cavents, Joris De Hondt, Laura Aponte, Luka Van der Cruyssen, Orgil Oyundelger, Raf Wollaert, Zoé Fauvel
Printed and bound by Buchbinderei Leipzig

Documentation images: Jeroen Cavents

Bedeutungsgeflecht is a curatorial project conceived in the framework of Cultures of the Curatorial programme at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig. The project consists of multiple books in a modular open-source format that can be merged together as interleaved books.

The project aims at questioning narrative book structures, the position of author, reader and subject, and seeks to experiment with the medium of a book as a curatorial and inspirational device. It cuts loose from authorial or unambiguous curatorial intentions and underlines the importance of gaps in between the material and the attempts to stitch them together.

Artists and writers were invited to design a book in a standard format, using the same specific font, page size and number of pages. The participants were free to use any medium such as text, poetry, found footage, photography, drawings etc. Contributors were encouraged to use a broad variety of different (artistic) languages. The project results in a collection of artist books not intended as an organic whole or to be read in a specific order.

Bedeutungsgeflecht was presented at Short Dated in Galerie Stephanie Kell (Dresde, DE) from 26 - 29 August 2021.

Short Dated:
Pop-up-Store for artist books and magazines

The concept of the Pop-up-Store transforms the gallery into a curated book space; a hybrid that is both exhibition and sales space. This transfunctional character weaves itself like a thread through to the exhibits: The book as an artistic medium functions on one hand as a means of artistic expression and on the other hand as a mediator of knowledge. To be observed as a work of art in its own right, the artist’s book becomes the object of a concept transcending the boundaries of the book. Under the premise of temporality and the deliberate detachment from clear structures, Dresden is receiving a contact point that has hitherto remained virtually unconsidered – artistic publishing.
Credits photographs: Kerstin Flasche
Galerie Stephanie Kelly