Dominique Rivard
Artiste et autrice

Artiste, cycliste, marcheuse et observatrice d’oiseaux, Dominique Rivard exerce sa pratique poétique à travers les champs de l’art visuel, de l’écriture, de la photographie et du graphisme.




The exhibition A Slip of Certain Measure brings together the works of Glasgow based artists Lydia Davies, Eva Richardson McCrea, Dominique Rivard and Paige Silverman through the mediums of sculpture, sound, photography, drawing and moving image.

The title of the exhibition draws on an obsolete Scottish use of the word ‘myth’, meaning ‘to show, to mark, to notice, or to measure’. The works in this exhibition engage with this slippage in the meaning and use of ‘myth’ as observation and markmarking and ‘myth’ as a form of narrative, fiction or plot.

In A Slip of Certain Measure archeological digs, rat kings, fragmented limbs and the figure of Youwarkee are brought together in an exhibition of works that engage with this shifting and slippage of meaning. A Slip of Certain Measure does not only refer to an incremental measurement of space or an organized amount of time but also questions the reality of perception and forms of knowledge production.
A Slip of Certain Measure
Group show with Lydia Davies, Eva Richardson McCrea and Paige Silverman
Crowpoint Studios
Glasgow (UK)
9 - 13 October 2020

Artworks list :

Found on an island lost in Antarctic seas, 2020
Unfired stoneware clay, plastic bag
Dimensions variable

Youwarkee’s teenager bedhead moodboard, 2020
Digital fabric print, inkjet prints, solarplates
Dimensions variable